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Kuntai swimming card in Jisheng Villa

2022-06-30 18:06Swimming pool thermostatic equipment
Summary: Which natatoriums are there around the Huilong Temple in BeijingJisheng villa has a swimming pool in jinbangyuan, which needs to apply for a card. It doesn't need to apply for a card of 25 yuan. It
Which natatoriums are there around the Huilong Temple in Beijing
Jisheng villa has a swimming pool in jinbangyuan, which needs to apply for a card. It doesn't need to apply for a card of 25 yuan. It's local, but it's not bad. It's in the northeast of Xisanqi bridge
Huilongguan Kuntai swimming pool and Soko swimming pool
Kuntai's is usually a person of 50, limited to two hours. The card handling fee is 26000 yuan, 100 times, 26 times. Annual card. Also limited to two hours. The one in the northeast corner is a swimming pool with different gyms. You need to get a gym card. The price varies according to their seasons. After the annual pass, you can swim at any time. No extra chargeWhich is the Huilongguan natatorium good? What about the price
The natatorium of Beijing Sport University is open from 6:30 to 8:30 every night. It is open from 12:30 to 4:00 on Saturday and Sunday, and from 6:30 to 8:30 in the evening. The charge is 20 yuan. You can go to the ticket office of the school's sKuntai swimming card  in Jisheng Villawimming pool to ask for your cardHow much is the swimming pool of Wangjing Kuntai Hotel? Can I get a card
Where does Beijing Huilongguan have a swimming pool
Swimming pool of Kuntai Hotel, Tel: (010) 5991005
Beijing Huilongguan area natatorium
There are several swimming pools in Huilongguan area. However, there is no swimming pool that meets the requirements of the landlord (no need to move the annual card, and the price is about 20 yuan / time)! Add: take the bus at Longze station of Chengtie to longhuayuan (meilianmei supermarket) at the swimming pool of Kuntai HotelHow deep is the water in Kuntai natatorium
Please take your physical examination card, swimsuit and swimming cap with you and go through the admission formalities (you need to bring a deep-water permit to enter the pool in the deep-water area without a deep-water permit); Each swimming session lasts 120 minutes, including bathing and dressing. If deepwater assessment is required, another 30 minutes will be added (Overtime charge)Does anyone know how much the natatorium card in Beijing Kuntai Hotel costs
81795588 is the telephone number of Beijing Kuntai Hotel for consultation. The single 50 yuan monthly card is 300 yuan / the 10 times quarterly card is 750 yuan / the 30 times semi annual card is 1350 yuan / the 50 times annual card is 2600 yuan / 100 times (the price is preferential until August 24, 2008). Note: the time limit is 2 hoursKuntai swimming card  in Jisheng Villa in summer / 3 hours in winterWhich swimming pool does everyone in Beijing go to? How much is the annual card
Haotai fitness annual card 500-750 yuan
Looking for a swimming pool near Huilongguan, Beijing
Huilongguan Kuntai swimming pool, in the swimming pool of Huilongguan Kuntai Hotel, international standard swimming pool (50 25 meters, 10 lanes), 15 yuan / time, get off at Kuntai Hotel at 625 Longxing Park, Jinbang Park, Huilongguan District, 407307344 express, get off at the swimming pool in the natural beauty fitness club at 618699625 North Suburb Farm Bridge East
Kuntai swimming card in Jisheng Villa

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