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Swimming otitis moist ear canal environment

2022-07-02 20:03Outdoor swimming pool equipment
Summary: Can swimming cause otitis mediaMany people have a low fever after swimming, but most people don't care. In fact, this low fever may be a precursor to some diseases. Ear, nose and throat experts poi
Can swimming cause otitis media
Many people have a low fever after swimming, but most people don't care. In fact, this low fever may be a precursor to some diseases. Ear, nose and throat experts pointed out that the humid environment of the ear canal has created favorable conditions for bacterial reproduction. If you do not pay attention to hygiene, it is likely to cause otitis media and otitis mediaCan swimming cause otitis media
Swimming can easily lead to otitis media. The main reason for otitis media swimming out is that when swimming in an unclean pool, once the water chokes, the water is easy to enter the eustachian tube, and bacteria or mold also enter, causing retrograde infection from inside to outSwimming otitis  moist ear canal environmentside. At the same time, unclean pool water may also enter from the external auditory canal, inducing otitis mediaHow to treat otitis media caused by swimming
When swimming, you must master the basic methods of inhaling through the mouth and exhaling through the nose. When diving, it is best to hold your breath or exhale; When diving, you can't breathe in and swallow, because the pharyngeal pressure decreaseSwimming otitis  moist ear canal environments when swallowing, and you can also suck water into the nasopharynx. A small part of otitis media is caused by trauma while swimmingWhat is swimming otitis media
Swimming otitis media is an inflammation of the middle ear caused by bacteria entering the middle ear with water during swimming & \65377; When swimming, water enters the external auditory canal
Is swimming easy to cause otitis media
Because especially in summer, when the water in the swimming pool is not very clean, the cerumen of his external auditory canal has a protective effect. If we clean the cerumen completely, or if your parents just pull out Swimming otitis  moist ear canal environmenthis ears, you let him swim, he is prone to external otitis media, and the possibility of swimming with otitis media is not very commonIn summer, the number of otitis media patients will increase, mostly caused by swimming. Why_ Baidu
Because such patients have chronic inflammation, especially when they encounter the water in the unclean swimming pool, it will lead to acute attack and pus again, so this situation should be paid attention to. Of course, you can use special earplugs to plug your ears to prevent water from entering your ears. If a patient with otitis media catches a cold, it is not recommended to swim or flyEnter the middle ear with water when swimming, causing middle ear inflammation
Or enter the middle ear cavity through nasal cavity and eustachian tube to cause infection; If the water in the swimming pool is not clean, the water will choke when swimming. The bacteria in the water will retrograde to the eustachian tube through the nasal cavity and nasopharynx and spread to the mucosa of the middle ear cavity, causing edema and infection, resulting in effusion and obstruction of the middle ear, and the secretion will not flow out, resulting in acute otitis mediaCan swimming cause otitis media
Otitis media is a disease that is easy to suffer from when swimming. If the ears are not properly protected during swimming, it is easy to cause water ingress. Once water ingress, there will be bacterial erosion. At this time, if human immunity is not strong enough, it is easy to induce otitis media. Otitis media, as the name suggests, refers to the lesions in the middle ear, including purulent and non purulent, for exampleWhy do you get otitis media when swimming
Secretions cannot flow out, causing acute otitis media. If you have otitis media, it is absolutely forbidden to swim directly. You can wear soft earplugs and choose a clean swimming place. If you wet your ears, whether there are signs of infection or not, you should remember to remove the water in the ear canal in time. You can pull the outer ear upward and outward to make itWhat about ear inflammation caused by swimming
When the water in the ear cannot be eliminated, or the discomfort symptoms in the ear are not rSwimming otitis  moist ear canal environmentelieved obviously after the water is discharged, go to the hospital as soon as possible. Some people may not take out their ears by themselves due to their own structural characteristics or other problems in their ears. It is easy to damage the external auditory canal or tympanic membrane, which is counterproductive. Some people have cleaner ear canals, but
Swimming otitis moist ear canal environment

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