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Swimming foam pool

2022-07-01 07:35Outdoor swimming pool equipment
Summary: There is foam in the water of the swimming pool. What's wrong with itThe appearance of foam on the water surface of the swimming pool is generally due to the aging of the water quality, that is, th
There is foam in the water of the swimming pool. What's wrong with it
The appearance of foam on the water surface of the swimming pool is generally due to the aging of the water quality, that is, the insufficient make-up of the pool water makes the total dissolved solids accumulate too much; The surface overflow of the pool water is insufficient or the surface recovery rate is too low, so that the grease cannot be effectively eliminatedWhy is there foam on the water surface of the swimming pool
It should be the poor water quality. If you think about this kind of large bath basin, the water will definitely have foam if it is not properly treated. Just like the seaside, impurities will promote the formation of foam
What if the swimming pool has foam
The foaming of the swimming pool water indicates that there is too much organic matter, which means the water is dirty and should be changed If you want to save a little, you can also use the dosing method, such as adding potassium permanganate or copper sulfate, (the dosage of 1 ton of water is less than 0
How does the swimming pool have foam
What do you mean by "mutual exclusion" of "half year package"? But our views on these issues produce "looking at life from another angle is a breakthrough."
What are the main reasons for the foam in the pool? Oil pollution or other problems
There are generally two reasons for bubbles in swimming pools. 1. There are too much oil and dirt, which need to be disinfected. For microorganisms, oil and dirt are nutrients. Too much dirt will lead to a large number of microorganisms growing and reproducing in the water and producing gas. The swimming pool disinfectant shall be used for disinfection and sterilization, and the oil stain shall be removedWhat is the foam in the swimming pool
This is to backwash the sand cylinder and clean the pipeline. Sand tank cleaning agent shall be used for sand tank backwashing, and pipeline cleaning agent shall be used for pipeline cleaning to completely remove the dirt in it, so as to restore the purification function of the filtration system. Sand tanks and pipes generally need to be cleaned once every six months to one yearCan the foam board be laid in the swimming pool
Yes, as long as you have the ability to keep foam from floating on the water
What about the foam in the water quality of the swimming pool
Look at the color. If the residual chlorine content is normal and the water quality is excellent, the swimming pool water paved with white tiles will show a bright light blue. Some swimming pools use light blue tiles, which will show a dark blue effect. If the water is white and slightly turbid, the bacteria may exceed the standard. The water in the pond with turbidity up to standard is crystal clearSwimming pSwimming foam poolool foam has foam every day. Is defoamer useful
The swimming pool defoamer is specially aimed at the problem of swimming pool foaming, and will not cause secondary foam after use; It has long-lasting defoaming and antifoaming properties; Heat resistant, no change at high temperature, low volatilitySwimming foam pool, low dosage, easy to disperse in water, well compatible with liquid products, not easy to break emulsion and bleach oilThere is such a foam in the swimming pool every day. How can I clear it
To make a radical cure, you need to waste a little money. Your swimming pool has a balance water tank. Set the liquid level elevation of the Swimming foam poolwater tank half above the water level. At this time, the water tank will replenish water tSwimming foam poolo the swimming pool without limit, and the bubbles floating on the surface of the swimming pool will overflow into the drainage ditch around the swimming pool
Swimming foam pool

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