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Bruises after swimming

2022-06-30 14:04Outdoor swimming pool equipment
Summary: After swimming for two days, how is it that there are three bruises on my legs? I haven't touched them yetBruising on the skin is a common phenomenon in women. It is caused by subcutaneous capillar
After swimming for two days, how is it that there are three bruises on my legs? I haven't touched them yet
Bruising on the skin is a common phenomenon in women. It is caused by subcutaneous capillary bleeding. Sometimes you may not feel very painful when you touch it, but you will see bruising the next day. Your body is not sensitive when swimming in the water, even if you don't touch it with forceI took blood that day and swam in the afternoon. Now the wound is blue. Is it infected
It should be a bruise caused by subcutaneous bleeding. It may be because the pressing time of the wound is too short after the blood is drawn, and the infection is not completely stopped. There will be pain and fever
I have bruises on my knees after swimming. There are five in all. Three are cyan, but they are also a little
Answer: Condition Analysis: according to your question, the bruise of the knee after swimming may be caused by trauma. Yunnan Baiyao spray can be used for external use, and cefuroxime axetil capsule is suitable for anti infection treatment; br/> Comments and suggestions: it is recommended to pay attention to rest, hygiene and blood routine examination when necessary
... Grow these bruises. No one pinches himself or collides with him. I found it after swimming
It may be mentioned when swimming, and there is water pressure in the water, and the fluctuating water flow produces infrasound waves under the water pressure... The probability is very small, but it is not unprecedented. Infrasound wave is lethal to human body. Personally, I think I was kicked and forgottenExcuse me, my feet are bruised like this after I went swimming recently. There was only one piece I didn't care about. Now it's getting more and more
I think this is normal. I also found you after swimming. I consulted a doctor. It said that it would be fine in a few days like this, and there was no need for medication. So you don't have to worry about it. It will be fine in a few daysHow to eliminate the bruising of nose clip when you wear nose clip when swimming.. Both sides have &\x0ca5_&# x0CA5;
If you apply a hot compress, you will slowly reduce the swelling. When you swim next time, relax your nose properly. Don't hold it all the timeThere is bruising on the hand after swimming recently, it may be allergic epilepsy, how to return a responsibility
Answer: the pictures you provided consider the condition of Henoch Schonlein purpura. It is suggested that you can give antihistamine treatment and calamine lotion for external use
After swimming, there are bruises on the knees. Three are cyan but also a little red. Two are black and red_ Baidu knows
Answer: Condition Analysis: most of the bruises on the knee are the symptoms of subcutaneous hemorrhage caused by trauma. Generally, they will be absorbed and cured slowly. Suggestions: it is best to go to the local hospital for routine blood examination. The causes of thrombocytopenic purpura were excludedWhy are you so bruised after swimming
Bruises are also caused by the presence of congestion under the skin. Congestion is mostly caused by the rupture and bleeding of subcutaneous capillaries under the action of external forces. It is caused by blood seeping out of the capillary rupture. It doesn't matter if it happens occasionally, but pay attention to observation. If it happens often, it is recommended to test the blood routine. Warm water can be used to compress the affected areaWhy do you have bruises on your swimming legs
When you meet someone while practicing swimmiBruises after swimmingng, or someone else meets you, it is easy to get bruises because of the water cooling
Bruises after swimming

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